Did you know?


Transportation is the second-highest household expense nationwide.*


35% of your employees’ vehicle expenses center around per-mile operating costs including maintenance and repairs.*


1 in 3 Americans can’t pay an unexpected repair bill without going into debt.*

A small investment.
Big benefits.

Higher Retention

The likelihood of job turnover at an organization with good company culture is a mere 13.9%.

Better Recruitment

79% of employees cite a competitive benefits plan as an influencer in choosing a company to work with.

Job Satisfaction

60% of employees rated benefits as a “very important” contributor to job satisfaction.

What Is Worry-Free Car Care?

Uproar.car is a new benefits and perks program for employees. We focus on worry-free car maintenance and long-term care of an employee’s personal vehicle.

Affordable repair coverage, without the long term commitment

Our month-to-month vehicle protection plans offer the same coverage as dealerships’ extended warranties but at a drastically reduced cost (up to 800%) and without the long-term commitment. Members are covered for repairs of all shapes and sizes, plus get access to a suite of other discounted car services.

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No-strings complimentary services

All members get access to FREE roadside assistance including lockout service, flats, fluid delivery, and tows. Members earn rewards like monthly car washes, gas, and oil changes redeemable anywhere they choose.

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It’s all in the app

Employees can easily track their subscription benefits, submit a claim, check their vehicle maintenance schedule, and access roadside services straight through our easy-to-use mobile app.

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It’s super easy

Here’s how easy your employees will solve all their car care needs with Uproar.car.
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Uproar.car helps your employees coordinate their car needs, from maintenance to repairs to roadside assistance.

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Everything is accessible directly through app. To make a claim, simply call or text and our expert concierge team will be there to help.

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The ultimate perk of worry-free protection. Employees pay the deductible. We pay the rest!

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