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Car ownership is the second-highest household expense.

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86% of Americans say repair costs are too high or outrageous.

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50% of workers have missed time or shown up late to work due to car troubles.

#1 most wanted
non-traditional benefit*
Monthly subscription. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.
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Save time

Our dedicated concierge team takes care of all repair logistics.

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Save money

For just a few dollars a month, never worry about a car repair bill again.

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Save the hassle

No waiting for reimbursements. We pay the repair shop directly.

What is worry-free car care?

Worry-free car care means your employees never have to pay a car repair bill again. Uproar.car’s voluntary benefits program provides access to exclusively low rates on best-in-class vehicle protection for employees’ personal vehicles.

Premium repair protection at exclusively low rates

Our month-to-month vehicle protection plans offer superior coverage compared to traditional  extended warranties but at ⅓ of the cost on average.

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No administrative burden

No invoicing. No setup. No integrations necessary. Uproar.car is an employee benefits provider that gives you everything you need for a successful rollout plus a dedicated Customer Success Manager to answer all of your employees’ questions.

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Hassle-free repairs

Our expert concierge team helps coordinate repair logistics, keeping your team focused at work and reducing workplace distractions.

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It’s super easy
Uproar.car solves your employee’s every car care need.
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Uproar.car helps your employees coordinate repair logistics, from booking an appointment at a repair shop to directly paying the bill.

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Everything is accessible directly through the Uproar.car employee app. To make a claim, they can simply call or text and our expert concierge team will be there to help.

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Financial wellness! We pay every repair bill directly. There’s no stressful, time-consuming reimbursement process.

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