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11 car apps that make driving in a city a lot easier

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Car apps today can help you avoid traffic, find your car in a full parking lot and learn more about the health of your car.

Much like vehicle service contracts (also known as extended car warranties), they can save you money in a variety of ways.

Here are some categories of car apps that can make your driving experience better. Most of the apps we’re suggesting have a free version (with ads) and are all available on Android and iOS.

Traffic apps

Getting stuck in traffic may be considered normal in certain cities and at certain times of the day. Still, if you can find a tool to help you avoid any traffic jams due to construction, weather or a car accident, then it’s worth a shot.

You can start off by downloading your state department and transportation app. 

Most states provide their drivers access to the most accurate state-wide traffic and road condition reporting, including the major highways. You may also get access to live cameras so you can see conditions in real time.

Popular traffic apps to check out:

Gas apps

Experts estimate that gasoline prices will stay high for the rest of 2021. According to Forbes, gas prices may continue to increase at the same steady rate they’ve been at over the past 12 months; it’s just likely to be at a slower pace.

With a little bit of planning, you can save yourself a good amount of money on gas by always filling up at the cheapest gas stations. There are plenty of apps available to help you find the cheapest prices near you.

Popular gas apps to check out:

For more information on how to save money on gas, read our blog 7 easy tips for improving gas mileage.

Parking spot locator apps

Finding parking in the city is one of the biggest headaches. It’s the biggest incentive for people to use public transportation, or get around on a bike, or simply choose to stay home rather than go out.

The pandemic has made people more distrustful of public transportation and the distances in most U.S. cities may not be ideal for biking. Parking is something you’ll just have to deal with. Apps can guide your search of parking spots in certain neighborhoods, landmarks or at major events.

Popular parking spot locator apps to check out:

Find your car app

It’s happened to us more than once, leaving an event and then spending longer than we should in the parking lot trying to remember where we parked. When it’s time to leave a place, you can get assistance finding your car with an app.

With most find your car apps, you will be able to manually enter your parking spot or allow the app to record your parking spot automatically.

Popular find your car apps to check out:

OBD 2 tool code reader apps

An OBD 2 tool (also referred to as a diagnostic scanner) is a device that is used to read your check engine codes, sensor data, car health data and more. Car repair shops or auto part shops often charge just to connect your car to their OBD scanner, so having your own device proves to be a good investment overtime. 

An OBD tool that connects to an app through Bluetooth or Wifi can help you determine the potential cause of your car troubles.

Popular OBD 2 reader apps to check out:

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