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7 car gift ideas for the holiday

woman driving car

Car gifts are practical gifts that can make a loved one’s car riding experience better.

If you or someone else is looking to save on car ownership costs, you can look into a vehicle service contract (also known as an extended car warranty) to make your car repairs more affordable.

Below we list out 7 quick car gift ideas that you can give to someone this holiday.

1. Bluetooth FM transmitter

Most new cars are already equipped with stereo systems that can connect to a smartphone. However, older cars or base models of new cars don’t come with them. A Bluetooth FM transmitter is an affordable option to stream music from a smartphone. It plugs into the car’s power outlet and the music plays through an FM station.

2. Polarized sunglasses

Not everyone has a pair of polarized sunglasses in their car. However, we all should, especially in winter. Polarized lenses reduce glare and in the winter glare is a big problem. The winter sun sits lower and this exposes our eyes to more glare. Snow and bare trees can also be blindingly reflective. A pair of polarized sunglasses can help.

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3. Car vent phone mount

Windscreen-mounted phones are dangerous. They reduce visibility because they block your forward and lateral views. A better option is a car vent mount. It’s more functional and it’s less of a distraction. It blends with the dashboard and it’s less visible when the car is unattended.

4. Bluetooth tracker key chain

Losing car keys is a nightmare, especially if the key & fob costs hundreds to replace. A good solution is a Bluetooth tracker. You can attach one to a set of car keys and never lose track of where they are. A bluetooth tracker connects with just about any phone through an app, which then shows you where to locate the keys.

5. Wireless Car charger

On longer commutes and road trips our phone batteries get drained very quickly. Rather than using cables and wires, it’s much more comfortable to charge a phone wirelessly. It’s also safer to not have to plug in your phone, especially while you’re driving.

6. Car escape tool

It might be a little less cheery of a gift, but a car escape tool is a nice practical item to give to someone. These tools are mainly designed to break a side window and cut a seat belt. It’s important to have one handy in your glovebox, or even a keychain, in case of an emergency.

7. Radar Detector

Speeding tickets are very expensive. A radar detector warns a driver when it detects police radar waves nearby. The radar gives someone time to slow down in case they’re driving a bit above the speed limit. Radar detectors are legal in most states but you may need to check the regulations.

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