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Does premium gas help your car last longer?

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With the highest gas prices in nearly a decade, it’s time to find ways to save at the pump. If you’re used to buying premium gas, you should ask yourself if it’s truly worth it to pay the extra $0.60 cents per gallon.

Car ownership is more expensive than ever. To help you save on car repairs down the road, you can purchase a vehicle service plan (also known as an extended car warranty) to cover your future repairs without the expensive bill.

Here’s a quick guide to help you know whether you should continue pumping premium gas.

What gas should you be using on your car?

To know which gas you should be putting in your car, you should always check your car owner’s manual. Luxury or high-performance cars usually require premium gasoline because they have high-compression engines or high-performance parts like turbochargers.

If your car manufacturer specifically states that you should use premium gas on your car model, then you should use premium. Otherwise, regular gas works great on most cars.

Note: Every car will require a minimum octane rating. The octane rating shows the fuel stability. The number measures the pressure at which the fuel will auto-ignite. In essence, the higher the octane level, the more stability it has.

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What are the different types of gas?

Gasoline is used to run spark ignition engines. It’s made up from crude oil and other petroleum liquids. Every U.S. state has different regulations imposed on gas. This means that gas is not exactly the same product nationwide. Most of the gasoline that’s sold in the U.S. is blended. This causes various formulations. 

The different types of gas available for purchase come in different grades of gasoline. Gas stations usually offer these three main types of gas.

Regular gas

Gas is considered regular when it has an octane level of 87. 

Midgrade gas 

Gas is considered middle range when it has an octane level of 89-90.

Premium gas

Gas is considered premium range when it has an octane level of 91-94.

Are there other types of gasoline?

Many gas stations offer diesel gas for diesel engines. 

Ethanol, which is an affordable fuel made from renewable resources, is also sometimes offered. However, it’s less common.

Does premium gas help your car last longer?

Premium gas is the fuel you should be using only if it’s the fuel that your car needs.

Some car manufacturers recommend that you use premium gas when the car doesn’t actually require it. In this case, you can choose to pump premium fuel or regular fuel. 

When making your choice, keep in mind that according to car experts (and the Federal Trade Commission), using higher-octane gas won’t necessarily help your car last longer, get better mileage or drive better.

You should, again, check your owner’s manual to see if your car requires premium gasoline. If it doesn’t require it, your car’s engine should run just fine with regular gas.

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