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How to keep your car cool in the summer heatwave 2021

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The month of August is usually a time when temperatures begin to slowly go down. This year it looks like the heat isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon, in most of the country.

To avoid a breakdown in the middle of a hot day, an aftermarket warranty for used cars (also known as an extended car warranty) can help you get repairs as soon as you need them rather than put them off.

A hot car is uncomfortable and dangerous to drive. Here are some tips to keep your car cool if you’re having to drive in a part of the country experiencing a heatwave.

Try to park in the shade

Be sure to leave the house with enough time so you can look for shaded parking at your destination whenever possible. Look for trees, shade from other cars or tall buildings that can provide some protection from the sun. 

Remember the same way our skin is harmed by too much sun, so is our car’s paint. UV rays cause the paint to dull, oxidize and fade. As far as our interiors go, plastic surfaces inside release harmful aromas when warm and that can be very harmful. 

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Use reflective windshield sun shades

Reflective windshield covers should be used throughout the year, but they are essential in the summer. Sun shades work by lowering the overall temperature of your car (it’s estimated to be 30 degrees less). The reflective covers reflect, or push out, the sun’s rays while non-reflective covers absorb the heat. It’s best to choose reflective sun shades rather than non-reflective ones..

Use a dashboard and steering wheel cover

Protecting your dashboard and steering wheel should be a priority. You don’t necessarily need to buy a specific dashboard or wheel cover though. You can use extra blankets or towels that you have lying around in your house. The point is to help reduce the interior temperature and also prevent cracks on interior surfaces due to the heat and the sun rays.

Use seat cushions/covers

Seat cushions or covers help you keep your seats and your backside cool. They are designed to help you lower your body temperature, oftentimes by circulating air through tiny holes. Cooling seat cushions/covers are especially helpful if you have leather seats since they can also protect the leather.

Use solar-powered fans

Solar-powered fans range in price and effectiveness. Some of them are worth it and can be of huge help when trying to beat the heat. They can be easily mounted on the windows of your car and they charge on their own by sunlight. 

They need direct sunlight to work and they typically won’t work on tinted windows.

Leave your windows slightly open

Glass windows trap air inside, so it’s always a good idea to leave them slightly open. The opening can be just a couple of inches so that it’s less than the width of someone’s arm. If you’re worried about someone breaking in, you can buy tinted window vent visors that can attach to the top of the windows.

When you get back to the car, air out the inside

Before getting back into your car and driving off after it’s been out in the sun for a while, wait a few minutes. You can open all doors and windows or open/close one door at a time (more or less fanning the inside of the car). Airing out your cabin lets out all the scorchingly hot air that’s been trapped inside. If you take a moment to do this, the car will have fresher air by the time you start driving.

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