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car at the beach

6 great U.S. road trips for summer 2021

Though the CDC announced a few months ago that overseas traveling is a low-risk for fully vaccinated people, traveling within the U.S. this summer is still the safest bet. If you’ve always wanted to do a road trip

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man with mask driving car

How to avoid auto-related fraud

As you search for a new or used car, get car repairs, or look for savings through extended car warranties, be very wary of what you’re paying for and who you’re dealing with. Price comparison website Clearsurance compiled

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car maintenance tools

How often should you do car maintenance?

All too often regular car maintenance goes overlooked by drivers, and it inevitably results in costly repairs and a shorter lifespan for a car. A big part of your responsibilities as a car owner is to keep up

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woman answering robocall

What are the most common types of robocalls?

The international pandemic helped slow down some robocalls over the last year but not extended car warranty for used cars robocalls. Due to sanitary restrictions, work in call centers slowed down around the world, which led to a

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man deciding

Should I sell or repair my car?

You take your car to the shop and your mechanic gives you the estimate for repairs. It’s your car’s transmission. It’ll be $3,800 to fix with parts and labor!  There are different types of extended warranties that can

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man worried about bad extended car warranty

Red flags of a bad extended car warranty plan

Extended car warranties can be hard to understand, but they are essentially plans that help you cover your expensive car repairs bills.  These plans, sold through dealerships or through third-parties, are designed so you pay a set fee

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