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car exhaust system pipe

Are car tune-ups still a thing?

Mechanics agree that keeping your car in great condition can be done through regular maintenance and check-ups. If anything comes up during the check up and you have a comprehensive vehicle service contract (also known as an extended

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car AC

5 reasons your car’s AC isn’t cold enough

Riding around with a faulty AC makes for an uncomfortable ride during hot weather. Unfortunately, car AC breakdowns can be some of the most costly repairs at the repair shop, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to fix or

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car dashboard

6 small car problems you shouldn’t ignore

Taking care of your car means constantly monitoring your systems to ensure they’re running great.  Major car repairs can be covered with a vehicle service contract (also known as an extended car warranty) so you don’t have to

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car chip

What is the global chip shortage?

It’s not the greatest time to buy a new or used car right now. If your car breaks down anytime soon, you’ll have to choose between three options: 1) Buy a new or used car you don’t necessarily

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mechanic checking engine

The 5 most common check engine repairs of 2020

Last year was naturally a slow year for repair shops because COVID-related lockdowns resulted in fewer miles driven (and consequently fewer breakdowns). As the pace quickly picks back up to pre-pandemic times, mechanics are seeing customers more often.

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car maintenance

How to budget for car repairs and maintenance

Car repair shop services are among the least trusted services in the U.S. The country’s top source of consumer complaints is car-related and it’s a good idea to stay ahead of any potential expensive car repairs. An option

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