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car tire

How long do tires typically last?

When your tires are in good condition, you’re safer on the road and you’re sure your car will perform more efficiently. A new car warranty (the warranty provided by the car manufacturer) and an extended car warranty may

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Woman holding up map

Where you should road trip in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has been tough for everyone, but those who love traveling have found it especially difficult to stay home and not hit the road.  Now that it seems that the country is slowly returning to normal,

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man thinking in car warranty

How long is a car warranty effective?

Both car manufacturers and aftermarket car warranties can be commonly referred to as car warranty companies.  However, their function and coverage are not the same and how long they last will vary. Not understanding the difference between them

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Car maintenance

How to keep your car for longer

By investing in Vehicle Repair Protection, commonly known as an extended car warranty, becoming more conscious about car maintenance and embracing Do-It-Yourself tips, drivers are prolonging the life of their vehicles. More drivers today are looking to hold

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man and woman checking car

Which vehicles does an extended car warranty cover?

Extended car warranties can be extremely beneficial to people looking to lighten the financial strain of car ownership, but are they necessary – or even practical – for every vehicle? Understanding car warranties and the differences between them

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man writing a contract

What is a vehicle service contract?

If you’re looking to save money on major car repairs after your manufacturer’s car warranty ends, it’s time to consider a vehicle service contract (VSC). A way to extend a car warranty, a vehicle service contract’s monthly or

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