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man worried about car repair bill

5 tips to avoid surprise car repair bills 2021

You take your car to the repair shop for routine car maintenance and suddenly the mechanic hands you a $600 bill. It’s a situation you may not need to imagine. If you’re like most drivers, it’s already happened

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man driving car

Car repair insurance—what is it?

Car insurance is legally required in most states and protects us when we have a collision, theft or when natural disaster strikes.  However, car insurance won’t be there for us when the car’s engine or transmission malfunctions. Without

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man worried by finances

7 ways to get your finances in order in spring 2021

The fallout from COVID-19 undoubtedly made everyone rethink their finances. It has resulted in many looking into services to protect them from unexpected car worries, like a vehicle service contract (also known as an extended auto warranty). Before

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happy man driving a car

How to make your used car feel brand new

Buying a used car comes with many benefits like cheaper cost, less depreciation and lower insurance rates. On the downside, the car is likely no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty and you will have to search for the

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woman at breakdown

Is your car on the verge of a breakdown?

Few things are worse than dealing with a broken down car. One minute you’re driving along, on your way to work or do errands, the next thing you know, you’re stuck on the side of the road with

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guy checking car

6 vehicle maintenance myths debunked

When major car repairs come up, an aftermarket warranty for cars (also known as an extended car warranty) is a great way to keep your costs low.  But when it comes to your vehicle maintenance, there are many

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