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happy family traveling by car

The best cars by breakdowns

Shoppers have several things in mind when buying a new car, from the car’s performance (e.g. responsiveness and fuel economy) to its comfort and attractiveness. Reliability, or how likely the car is to have a breakdown, can’t be

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woman with dog in car

How to safely travel with your pets

We all know someone who loves to take their dog with them everywhere. Maybe you are that person. But when it comes to pets in cars, there are some precautions we must take to keep our pets (and

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technology of a car

The best car improvements in tech

New improvements on car technology are making the car ownership experience much easier each day. For instance, a low-cost vehicle service contract subscription (also known as an extended warranty) is available today to cover the cost of expensive

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Man and his son checking car

Top 5 do it yourself car repair tips

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused more drivers to watch their budgets and look for ways to save on car repairs.  Investing in a low-cost vehicle service contract (also known as an extended warranty) that covers big repairs and

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woman opening car compartment

7 things to keep in your car in case of an emergency

Car trouble isn’t just a hassle. It’s a safety issue. Aftermarket car repair coverage that’s similar to a bumper-to-bumper warranty can save you money and stress as well as provide you with roadside assistance when something goes wrong.

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happy woman with car

How to buy a car and save money in 2021

Buying a car is rated as one of the top stressful experiences adults will have to go through at some point in their lives. The good news is that today buying a car has changed for the better

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woman writing 2021 on paper

New year’s resolutions 2021

A recent survey found that about half of American adults are sure they’ll be able to stick to their new year’s resolutions. Since our resolutions almost always include money goals, it’s necessary to make strategies to make them

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woman fixing car

How are auto warranty claims handled

One day your car is driving perfectly fine, then out of nowhere, it starts making a strange clunking sound under the hood. You freeze.  “What’s going on? Is it safe to drive? How much is this going to

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gas station with red lights

7 easy tips for improving gas mileage

The U.S. The Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration says the average American drives around 13,500 miles every year.  Over the years, newer cars are being built with endurance in mind and special technology for better fuel efficiency.

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uproar mobile app with car and woman

Introducing the App!

Worry-free car care? There’s an app for that.  At, we’re customer-obsessed and want you to have access to coverage 24/7 no matter where you are. Your safety and drivability are our top priorities, so whenever you encounter

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