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Why the pandemic has made our cars more essential

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Though travel across the country decreased over the past 12 months, the pandemic made Americans rely on their cars a lot more than before. 

Whether it was to avoid public transportation or to have alone time, cars have come to represent a unique kind of refuge from the world. As the country slowly begins opening up, drivers will look for ways to make sure their cars are running great. If you’re searching for a vehicle service contract (also known as an extended car warranty) to cover expensive repairs, you’ll want to start by getting a few extended car warranty quotes and comparing prices.

Here’s a look at the factors that have made cars more essential than before the pandemic and how it will likely stay this way for a long time.

Fewer public transport services

Despite attempts to make people regain trust in public transportation, it might be a while before the number of passengers returns to pre-pandemic times. A global survey by transit app Moovit found that 50% of Americans are using public transit less often or not at all.

With the drop in ridership, comes the rise in service cuts. In cities like New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston and San Francisco, governments have threatened huge cuts to offset the economic impact of fewer people riding on public transit. The American Public Transportation Association estimated last year that public transit would need $32 Billion in public funding to keep it afloat.

With fewer bus and trains passing by, and with the maximum capacity measures, the convenience of public transportation just isn’t the same. People can’t afford to spend an hour or two waiting around to get to where they need to go or organizing their schedules perfectly to catch the train at the right time.

More fear of COVID while in public spaces

Though the Biden administration recently extended face masks requirements until Sept. 13, there are many people in the streets who are not wearing masks and not abiding by social distancing measures.

Experts have consistently said that masks prevent the spread of COVID, but that doesn’t seem to convince everybody to wear them. The topic of using face masks has been the cause of a lot of debates since the start of the pandemic in the U.S. We’ve all seen videos of fights and arguments breaking out between people because of it. When you’re on public transportation, you don’t only fear coming in contact with the virus, you also fear any confrontations that may happen because someone is not wearing a mask.

Commuting by car has additional costs for many people who used to save money by using buses and trains. However, tensions on public transit have made commuting on your own car a much more pleasant option, even if it’s more expensive.

Extended car warranties can help reduce the cost of car ownership by helping you pay for the major repairs that can cost thousands of dollars. Read our recent blog: Why is it important to have car repair protection during an economic downturn?

More need to escape from urban life

The millions of Americans who managed to leave the big cities during the pandemic may have left for good. Others who didn’t get a chance to leave are still on the lookout for a destination away from urban dwellings. People want more space, bigger areas in the home for remote work, a home gym, and a yard to have friends over. People also want places where there are fewer restrictions.

According to real estate site Redfin, in fall 2020, the top destination cities were Sacramento, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin and Atlanta. In general, these are all sprawling cities where having a reliable car is a top priority because most people live in suburban areas away from downtown.

More need for alone time

For people living in a house with family or close friends, the pandemic may have been a less lonely time, but it didn’t mean that alone time wasn’t missed. 

Working from home in close quarters with the people we live with is not the ideal for a lot of people. Humans need their own space to disconnect from the world. For many drivers today, the car is literally the only place where they can be alone, out in the world. A study by True Car last year found that out of 2,000 Americans who own or lease a car, 73% use it as a way to feel a sense of privacy.

A new kind of extended car warranty for your essential car

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