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How to protect your high-mileage vehicle from repairs

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Though some people believe that buying a high-mileage car can lead to more mechanical issues, it’s not necessarily the truth.

A high-mileage vehicle can still run great, and continue to do so, if you take the right measures to protect it from breaking down. An extended car warranty high mileage can help you cover the cost of any repairs when they do come up. Remember, not all vehicle service contracts (also known as extended car warranties) provide coverage for high-mileage vehicles.

Here are some tips to protect your high-mileage vehicle from expensive repairs.

Keep up with routine car maintenance

All cars need routine maintenance, but you should take special care to keep up with the right maintenance schedule when you have a high-mileage vehicle. Make sure you’re checking your owner’s manual for suggested maintenance schedules (for example, after how many miles will you need to replace fluids and belts?). 

Note: If you don’t have your owner’s manual (maybe it was missing when you bought the car), remember almost all carmakers make their owner’s manuals available online for free.

Drive easy

Aggressive driving, like making hard stops, accelerating quickly, and riding the brakes or clutch, will make parts wear out quickly. If your car is already on the high-mileage side, you want to take it easy on the road at all times. 

Also, remember that aggressive driving hurts fuel economy. According to, your gas mileage can be reduced by roughly 15% to 30% at highway speeds and 10% to 40% in stop-and-go traffic.

Keep your car clean and covered outside

Be rigorous when cleaning both the outside and the inside of your car. A high-mileage car (an older one in particular) is more vulnerable to exterior damage and rusting. Tree sap, road dirt, rain, snow and salt can wreck your paint and the metal too!  If you don’t have a garage where you can park your car, consider buying a car cover. 

Keeping your car clean inside will eliminate harmful bacteria (which is bad for your health) and it will protect the steering wheel, upholstery and dashboards from cracks.

Take care of your engine

Eliminating the buildup of deposits can improve the quality of your high-mileage engine. To lubricate and protect your engine, you can use an engine treatment product. Adding engine treatment to your oil or fuel tank will result in less vibration, a quieter ride and overall better engine performance.

Take care of your battery

Drivers of high-mileage vehicles can sometimes go through a few car batteries, which can be very frustrating. But this can be a byproduct of improper cleaning and maintenance of the battery. Here are three important things to do periodically:

  • Disconnect cables and clean the area around cables or terminals with a post cleaner
  • Clean off corrosion from the cables and the top of the battery
  • Check the electrolyte levels (if you don’t know how, you can go to any car parts store and ask if they can check it for you)

Maintain your tires

Tires go often unnoticed until something goes wrong. There are many benefits to checking your car tires regularly. Not only are you ensuring a safe driving experience, but maintaining your tires and keeping them in good shape also puts less stress on your car and will help extend the life of important car components, especially your suspension system. Be sure to do:

  • Monthly tire pressure checks
  • Monthly tire tread wear checks
  • Monthly tire valve checks
  • Yearly tire inspections

To learn more about tires, read our recent blog how long do tires typically last?.

Protect your high-mileage vehicle from expensive repairs and maintenance

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