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5 quick tips to remember when driving in the fall

driving in the fall

Fall brings very specific challenges while driving. The nights are longer, there are serious visibility issues and leaves on the road hide road hazards.

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To help you stay safe and avoid expensive car repairs this fall and upcoming winter, follow these five tips.

1. Check your tires before leaving the house

Just taking a quick look at your tires before leaving the house can be really helpful. In fall, tires lose pressure often. Tires contract and expand as the weather outside changes. 

If you notice your tires are flat, be sure to add more air and get to your ideal tire pressure (the recommended tire pressure for your car can be found in your owner’s manual or in the vehicle sticker inside the driver’s door jamb).

Do you think you need new tires? Read our blog to know how long tires typically last.

Note: Subtle changes in tire pressure are hard to tell just by looking at them. It’s ideal to buy a tire pressure gauge at a parts store and have it handy. A tire pressure gauge is an easy-to-use tool you insert in the valve system to let you see the exact tire pressure in your tire.

2. Give yourself enough room on the road

Wet fall leaves make the roads very slippery. They offer little to no traction and may be full of water if it’s rained. In some cases, leaves on the road can be just as dangerous as ice on the road.

Be sure to leave enough space between you and drivers ahead. If the road is completely covered by leaves, be especially careful when taking corners.

3. Fill up your windshield wiper fluid

The weather changes abruptly in the fall. You can go from a sunny day to a sudden downpour from one hour to next. Frost and fog is also a problem this time of year. These elements reduce visibility and make it very dangerous to drive. 

To help you drive safely, check that your windshield wipers are in good shape and be sure to top up your windshield wiper fluid. This is an easy task anyone can do.

How to add windshield wiper fluid to your car

  1. Open the hood,
  2. Look for the plastic windshield wiper reservoir.
  3. Open the cap.
  4. Use a funnel to fill the reservoir with winter wiper fluid (don’t overfill).
  5. Put the cap back on.
Note: Be sure to use winter wiper fluid during the colder months because it’s designed to not freeze.

4. Keep a pair of clean sunglasses in your car

The sun’s position changes in the fall and we also change our clocks back one hour. Because of this, days are shorter and at times hard to predict.

If you’re driving directly in the sun’s path, piercing sun glares as the sun sets will make it impossible for you to see the road ahead. This is likely to happen at some point on your drive home from work.

This time of year, it’s more important than ever to have a pair of sunglasses in your car. Use them for increased visibility when the sun reaches your eye.

5. Check your car lights

Although they’re an essential part of your car, it’s often easy to forget to maintain your car lights. For some reason, we tend to let them get yellow or dim and not give them much thought.

In fall you’ll be relying on them a lot more and you should make sure they’re in great shape..

Be sure to:

  • Keep the headlights and taillights clean, inside and out. Check your owner’s manual for instructions.
  • Don’t change just one light. It’s best to change them both at the same time to keep them consistent.
  • Take your car to a professional if you notice dimming issues.
  • Restore your headlights with a professional if they’ve become hazy or yellowed.

How to make fall car repairs more affordable

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