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What to do during your end-of-summer car cleaning 2021

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The last full moon of summer 2021 is tonight and with it a reminder to clean up our cars and prepare for the changes in temperature. An end-of-summer car check is important to prevent further damage from the heat and dust of summer. Now’s the time to do it.

To protect your car from expensive mechanical bills that could come up in the future, consider a vehicle service contract (also known as an extended car warranty).

We’ve gathered below 5 essential things to do during your end-of-summer car check and car cleaning.

1. Check and clean your car battery

The high summer temperatures affect your battery life. Many times these problems don’t manifest until later on once the temperatures drop. This is why most people believe that winter poses a greater threat to batteries. However, the truth is winter battery problems might have started months before.

After summer, your battery is likely to be dirty. When there’s dirt on the battery, it becomes a conductor and this can drain it. Clean up and/or repair any corrosion as this can create resistance between the battery and the rest of the electrical systems.

2. Check and clean your tires

Depending on the type of tires you have, you may want to switch them now at the start of fall. Some people choose to have summer tires (usually most suitable for high-performance vehicles) to have better performance on dry roads. In fall and winter, all-season tires are perfectly suitable. However, many drivers choose winter tires when they live in places where the roads are very wet.

Be sure to check your tire pressure, tire tread and tire condition:

How to check your tire tread

Check your tire tread using the ‘penny test’. You can do this by placing a penny in your tread, facing you, with Lincoln’s head upside down. If Lincoln’s head is mostly visible, it’s time to replace your tires.

How to check your tire pressure

Use a tire pressure gauge to check your tire pressure. It should have the pressure (PSI) recommended in the owner’s manual or in the vehicle placard.

How to check your tire condition

Check your tires for any other visible damage (bulges, bumps, cracks, cuts, punctures) or any other sign of abnormal tread wear that can indicate a problem with your alignment.

3. Check and clean your car lights

Take a moment to check that all your lights (marker lights, turn signals, headlights, taillights, reverse lights, hazards and fog lights) are working correctly.

For more information on how to check your lights, read our recent blog 3 easy car maintenance checks you should do every month.

More than just making sure that your lights aren’t burned out, you should check your lights for fogging. The effectiveness of your lights can be really affected by it. Most auto supply shops have products that are designed to clean headlight lenses. You should clean the surface and towel dry your lights before applying any restoration solution.

4. Check and clean your air conditioning

This summer we experienced various heat waves in the U.S. and chances are your AC took quite the beating. As the temperatures cool, we’re likely to simply roll down the windows for a few weeks, but don’t put off checking your AC until you need to turn on the heater!

Check both your AC and heater and check for strange sounds, bad odors and poor airflow. Be sure to clean up your air vents using compressed air spray, a strong vacuum and dust wipes and change your air filter if necessary (cabin air filters should be changed around every 20,000 to 30,000 miles).

You might need to visit a repair shop for a complete AC check up. AC repairs are some of the costliest car repairs. It’s best to catch problems early rather than letting them worsen with time.

6. Check and clean your car exterior and interior 

Hopefully you’ve been able to keep your car under the shade, have used windshield sun protectors and kept your car clean as much as possible during the summer. Sun and heat are damaging to a car and can lead to expensive repairs on the exterior and interior.

Check your car for any signs of exterior and interior damage from the heat.

You should also do a thorough cleaning of your car inside and out to prevent summer’s dead bugs, bird droppings and tree sap to carry on into the winter. Every time the seasons change, it’s ideal to go beyond an exterior wash with just soap and water and also do a car wax to protect your exterior.

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