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Why do people delay car repairs?

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Many cars we share the road with on a day-to-day basis are likely to need repairs. Whether it’s driving with a check engine light that’s been on for weeks or running on tires that are losing air constantly, plenty of drivers delay repairs until it’s too late.

A vehicle service contract (also known as an extended car warranty) allows you to get repairs when you need them, saving you money and stress.

Below we list the five reasons most people tend to delay necessary car repairs.

Too busy

Over the last few years, our culture has accepted an “always working” mentality. If we’re not physically at work, we’re checking our phones all the time, looking for notifications and answering emails and texts outside work hours. The pandemic only made this more prevalent, but it’s been going on for quite some time.

We work too much and any extra time we have, we prefer to use to enjoy our hobbies, connect with our loved ones and take care of our homes. Our busy lives leave little room for us to take our cars to the repair shop for a check up and get things fixed.

Too expensive

Taking care of our cars is expensive. Between simple car maintenance, which can cost around $1,000 a year, and car repairs, which can be about $500 to $600 per visit to the repair shop, it can mean thousands of dollars out of our pocket.

When we feel that a car repair is not urgent, usually because our car is still turning on and taking us from point A to B, we prefer not to dip into our savings or use our credit cards to pay for the expensive bill.

Not important enough

Again, if we see that our car is still turning on and we see there aren’t any signs that the repair is urgent (like, for example, seeing smoke coming out of the hood), we’ll let many weeks, months and maybe even a year pass before getting something fixed.

Another reason we don’t feel the urgency (or that the repair is important enough) is that we tend to know very little about our cars. A mechanic can tell us some technical reasons for the repair and unless we ask questions, our minds can easily dismiss it as something unnecessary.

Too long to repair

Some of us completely rely on our cars to go to work or to take our kids to school. When the mechanic tells us that a repair will take a few days, we know we’ll have to make many adjustments to our schedule. If we feel the repair can wait, we prefer to put it off until a more convenient time comes up.

Car repairs take a long time for several reasons. Just the estimate can take a few days. The inner workings of a car are complex, especially those with new computer and technology systems. Checking a car will require a lot of time and attention. 

On top of that, parts can take a few days to arrive. 

In general, a repair shop has to be able to find a time slot in their schedule that can fit everything your car requires.

Vehicle Repair Protection covers repairs

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