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What makes’s extended car warranty the best?

For most of us, our cars are more than mere transport vehicles to get us from one place to another. Cars symbolize freedom, mobility and independence—values that are deeply important in the U.S.

When our cars break down, we need to get them fixed fast and when we can’t afford a repair, it’s disheartening. Car repairs are expensive (on average $500 to $600 per repair) and car owners turn to vehicle service contracts (also known as an extended car warranty) to cover necessary repairs and ultimately save money.

Should you buy an extended car warranty?

Most car buyers spend a significant amount of time researching the best car brands and reading up on ways to get a good deal at the dealership, but few car buyers know to do research before they buy an extended car warranty. Consumers often end up overpaying for extended car warranties, or not investing in one, primarily due to misinformation. As Consumer Reports surveys have pointed out in recent years, plenty of extended car warranties charge customers more than what they receive in benefits. The unbelievable lack of transparency when it comes to purchasing extended car warranties unfortunately makes it easy for people to fall into a bad extended service plan. Here we hope to guide you through extended car warranties and better options like a Vehicle Repair Protection subscription so you can make the best decision when you decide to get coverage.

What is bumper-to-bumper coverage?

For decades, car buyers have had salespeople sell them bumper-to-bumper extended warranties without much explanation.

Difference Between New & Used Car Warranties?

Having a reliable car is one of the most important qualities savvy car shoppers have in mind. But even if you feel you’ve bought a reliable new or used car, a car warranty adds an extra layer of protection against anything that can go wrong.

What is the true cost of car ownership?

When you buy a new car, you are usually covered with a manufacturer’s warranty for the first few years. After that, vehicle service contracts, commonly called an extended warranty, are available so you can protect yourself from expensive repairs down the line.

What is aftermarket coverage?

Knowing that your newly-purchased vehicle is protected by a car warranty provides a great deal of comfort for the first couple of years. But after the manufacturer’s warranty ends, can an aftermarket warranty really handle necessary repairs?

What do they mean? Common extended warranty industry terms

Vehicle Service Contracts, commonly called extended car warranties, can have your back by covering your repair bill when an unexpected mechanical breakdown comes up.

In whatever situation you’re currently in—whether your manufacturer’s warranty is close to expiring or you’re thinking about getting a used car extended car warranty plan—you’ll repeatedly run across certain words when shopping around. Knowing what the common terminology associated with extended car warranties mean can assist you while deciding on the coverage that’s right for you (as they can often be very confusing).

Here we’d like to guide you through the most common words used while describing extended car warranty coverage to help you through your buying process.

A Brief History of Extended Car Warranties

Protecting car owners from expensive repairs down the line wasn’t always readily available or easy to understand. Vehicle service contracts, commonly called extended warranties, have come a long way. 

Though some extended car warranties today continue to be complicated, with unclear explanations of coverage and little support when something actually goes wrong, many new great options like Vehicle Repair Protection have emerged in the last few years.

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