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What makes’s extended car warranty the best?

For most of us, our cars are more than mere transport vehicles to get us from one place to another. Cars symbolize freedom, mobility and independence—values that are deeply important in the U.S. When our cars break down, we need to get them fixed fast and when we can’t afford a repair, it’s disheartening. Car repairs are expensive (on average $500 to $600 per repair) and car owners turn to vehicle service contracts (also known as an extended car warranty) to cover necessary repairs and ultimately save money. When you start your search for coverage, you’ll find there are a lot of aftermarket warranty companies to choose from. It can be hard to know which one is best. Here is everything you need to know about what can offer.

Why get extended car warranty coverage for car repairs?

Essentially, this is what the right kind of extended car warranty coverage should do for you:

1. Make your car last for longer.

Increased new car prices over the years have made consumers more interested in holding on to their cars for a longer period of time. With that said, the older the car is, the more repairs it’s likely to need.

2. Keep your monthly and yearly car expenses low.

According to AAA, the average yearly car ownership costs in 2020 was $9,561. This includes purchase, repair costs, registration costs, car insurance, gasoline, maintenance, etc. The right coverage helps you avoid having to negotiate at the repair shop for a fair price when your car breaks down.

The right vehicle service contract must offer convenience, transparency and clear explanations of coverage. Also, it should:

✘ Not be sold through aggressive salespeople or high-pressure sales tactics (ever sat through the long dealership sales pitch or received constant robocalls?).

✘ Not be complicated when it’s time to make a claim for a car repair.

✘ Not make you sign long paperwork that’s somehow still missing the car components actually covered.

3. Make your life easier.

Remember, the above are the essentials, but most providers don’t check all of the boxes.

In reality, what you get with car repair protection plans that are available from a dealership or an independent extended car warranty company will vary. has made a commitment to provide every customer with a transparent, easy-to-understand, month-to-month subscription. Not just that, but there’s a real commitment to helping members keep monthly and yearly car ownership costs low (through car maintenance discounts) and to truly extend the life of the covered car.

What is an extended car warranty?

The easiest way to explain an extended car warranty or vehicle service contract is by simply thinking of it as:

A car repair protection plan that offers coverage similar to what your car manufacturer’s warranty provided when the vehicle was brand new.

It’s car repair coverage that covers you for repairs big or small anytime your car breaks down.

These types of contacts can be bought at the dealership or through an independent company that’s not connected to your car’s manufacturer, such as

Traditional extended car warranty providers have justifyingly gotten a lot of negative attention over the years for making customers pay more than what they receive in actual benefits. 

What’s the biggest problem with most extended car warranty providers?

It’s hard to say what the biggest problem with most extended car warranty providers is. There are so many dodgy practices attributed to this industry that creating an Uproar against it has been long overdue.

Beyond the frustrating industry standards of unfairly denying claims and overcharging customers so that all the middlemen (salespeople, dealers, agents, managers, etc.) can profit, this is also what you’ll come across when dealing with dishonest extended car warranty companies:

1. Other extended car warranty providers won’t show you prices up-front or offer instant quotes.

This is so that a salesperson can get to you in person or on the phone and upsell you with coverage you don’t want or need.

2. Other extended car warranty providers will make you sign long-term contracts without letting you pay month-to-month.

For example, they’ll charge you by adding a fee to your car loan payments. Basically, you could end up signing a long-term contract without really knowing it and have many difficulties when trying to cancel.

3. Other extended car warranty providers make you get repairs at specific dealership service centers or a select few repair shops.

This denies you the choice of going to the nearest, most convenient repair shop. They control the repairs and can deny claims if not done on their terms.

4. Other extended car warranty providers make you pay the mechanic upfront and “vow” to reimburse you.

This makes you depend on your own money for repairs, which you may not readily have available. It makes you responsible for following up with them so that they can reimburse you and makes the whole process excruciating.

5. Other extended car warranty providers don’t have a 100% online experience.

You’ll have to spend hours or various days on a call. They don’t provide you with instant access to your coverage online or through an app on your phone.

Is an extended car warranty worth it for your budget?

Most car manufacturer’s warranties only last for the first three years of ownership or 36,000 miles. In other words, coverage for factory defects ends right when your car is likely to start having mechanical issues.

The right kind of extended car warranty coverage can extend what was originally offered under the car’s manufacturer’s warranty (coverage for all major parts of your car) for a longer period of time.

It’s totally worth it to invest in one at the right price and with the right type of coverage.

Signing up for a vehicle service contract is a personal choice. Before you make your decision, ask yourself these three questions:

What to ask yourself when deciding whether car repair coverage is worth it for your budget

  1. Do I have money readily available to pay for a sudden car repair?
  2. Am I willing to drive to different repair shops and negotiate with mechanics to ensure I’m getting a fair price?
  3. Am I willing to drive my car without getting necessary repairs if I can’t pay for a $1,000+ repair?

Why did build an extended car warranty solution?

Cars are a huge part of our lives and breakdowns are bound to happen no matter how well we maintain our cars. What we observed and experienced firsthand was how the extended car warranty industry is filled with providers who unfairly deny claims and leave customers stranded.
Trustworthy, reputable products and services should solve customer problems. Customers deserve transparent car repair coverage at an affordable price, a car repair protection plan that also protects your hard-earned money. was founded to provide best-in-class, comprehensive car repair coverage that’s worry-free and puts the customer first. It’s’s Vehicle Repair Protection

“I’ve always carried an extended warranty on my vehicles so that I don’t have to worry when they break down. But once I realized I was being ripped off with huge markups, I decided to create an uproar against the extended warranty market to make sure no one overpays for one again!”
– Alejandro C. Founder

How is’s Vehicle Repair Protection rated? is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business with an A rating, backed by an A rated insurance provider and an administrator with over 20 years of experience. Our customers love us too.

What does’s Vehicle Repair Protection cover?

In the U.S., every time a car owner takes their car in for repairs, they’re likely to spend $500 to $600. More costly repairs can set you back thousands, like a transmission replacement that costs around $3,800 for parts and labor.

Other expensive and common repairs are electrical issues, brake failures, alternator repairs and A/C repair. These and many more repairs are all covered with Vehicle Repair Protection.

How does’s Vehicle Repair Protection work?

Vehicle Repair Protection starts with getting an instant quote online. Enter your car details and within seconds, you’ll have various coverage options. Sign up is quick and seamless, 100% online, and the rate at sign up won’t change for 36 months.

Once you sign up, you immediately receive’s membership for free, which includes thousands of local and national discounts, an auto concierge service and many other perks.

When your car experiences a mechanical breakdown, you simply:

The goal is to simplify the process so that you can get your repairs done as soon as possible and, most importantly, so that you and your car can get right back on the road, worry-free.

Is’s Vehicle Repair Protection truly comprehensive?

Vehicle Repair Protection offers different levels of protection.

You choose the number of components you want to cover and any other extras you may need. You can get coverage similar to a bumper-to-bumper warranty, which covers all major components of your car. You pick what’s right for your car and your budget, on your time.

Where most companies reject claims for any reason and fail to provide coverage for important repair elements like seals, gaskets and valves, delivers and all for just a low-monthly price.

Here’s how compares to other extended car warranty providers

There are many car repair protection providers. The chart below compares with two of the most well-known extended car warranty providers.



Price transparency

100% online

No aggressive sales people

No down payment



$89/month (after $189 down)


* Real price quotes received for a 2015 Lexus IS 250 with 38,000 miles, quoted Nov. 2020

Does Vehicle Repair Protection cover car maintenance repairs?

Vehicle Repair Protection covers your car repairs. Car maintenance, such as an oil change or tire rotation, isn’t covered, but the membership helps you save for maintenance costs with our Car Cash benefit.

Every month we put $5 toward your car cash balance that can be redeemed at thousands of auto service providers.

You’re also guaranteed other huge discounts with top car maintenance brands across the U.S. This means your car maintenance expenses will be significantly less expensive with Vehicle Repair Protection.

Besides discounts on car maintenance, what are the other perks of Vehicle Repair Protection?

A Vehicle Repair Protection subscription gives you a variety of free perks like 24-hour roadside assistance, car rental reimbursement, road trip protection and auto concierge (which offers you support at the car repair shop so you don’t ever negotiate prices or have to take your car to different mechanics). has also partnered with hundreds of people’s favorite restaurants, shops, travel and car agencies to provide you discounts. The benefits of’s membership save people an average of $1,760 a year.

Does Vehicle Repair Protection have a money-back guarantee?

At, we stand behind our service. All coverage options are protected by an industry best 90-day Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your monthly subscription, just let us know and if our customer care team can’t help you, we’ll provide you with a full refund less any paid claims.

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