How To Write the Perfect Job Ad in 9 Steps

Today’s job market is 90 percent candidate-driven. To get talent in the door, you need a stand-out job ad. Here’s how to write one.



1. The Job Title

Too often you see companies write job titles that are cute or creative but not exactly clear. When writing a job title, it’s necessary to be in the mind of the candidate and select words that they will use when searching for a job. Don’t say “content ninja” when the talent is searching for “content writer.”

SEO tools are your friend. Every day millions of people are searching for jobs using keywords. Leverage your marketing department and have them help you select the best terms for the position. 

2. Introduction and Company Summary 

Under the job title, you want to include a short introduction that does the job of both introducing your company and the position. Make sure the details you provide about the company are relevant to the job-seeker/ the position itself. Don’t copy and paste the About Us from your website. 

3. Job Description 

When writing the job description, try to frame it in the big picture. How does the job they do impact the company’s ultimate mission? How does that mission change customer’s lives for the better? Of course, include some of the day-to-day details as well, but try to write each function with its accompanying goal so the reader can clearly see the bigger impact of the position.

4. Job Requirements / Your Ideal Candidate

Talk about who you’re searching for. Include previous experience, specific qualifications or education, and any personality or character traits. This list may be trickier to write than you think. You need to find a balance where you don’t scare away qualified candidates with too many nit-picky prereqs, or encourage unqualified candidates to apply because you didn’t include enough requirements. 

5. Salary Range & Benefits

When job ads include a salary range, they get over 30 percent more applicants. Definitely add it to your job ad. It’s one of the most important factors for a candidate. That, and benefits. 

While a basic benefits package is important for nearly every type of candidate, millennials (one-quarter of the workforce) also expect non-traditional benefits beyond healthcare and 401K. What’s at the top of their list? Benefits that help with finances

Car Care is the #1 most-wanted, non-traditional benefit. Learn more. 

6. More About the Company

Include a description of your company. In most cases, this job ad will be the first time the candidate is hearing about your company so it’s a cold introduction. Include your company’s vision and/ or mission. Talk about culture, perks of working with the company (location, offices, travel opportunities), and mention your position in the industry but be straight about it. 

Fifty-seven percent of people said location is more important than salary. Talk about the office, the surrounding area, and any other perks. For example, maybe it’s close to the city center or near a neighborhood with excellent schools. 

7. Career Advancement Opportunities

Where does this job lead to? What doors does it open? Most serious candidates have career goals. Make sure you include any opportunities that are possible in this position, that you know would get candidates excited. 

8. How to Apply 

Make sure the application process is straightforward. Remember this is going to reflect how things are at your company, so make sure it’s smooth and easy. 

  • If they have to apply on an external site, include the link. 
  • Tell them exactly what application materials they need to submit and which ones you prefer they didn’t: job application, cover letter, resume, samples of work. 
  • Provide a point of contact for any questions job seekers might have. 

9. Final Tip! Format It Right

Put yourself in the head of a job seeker. You’re searching through dozens if not hundreds of job descriptions, hoping to find one that’s interesting and relevant. Before you read through an ad, you scan it. For employers looking to hire, this is a point not to be missed. 

Format your job ad so that it’s scannable, using bold and clear headings that make it simple for a potential candidate to read through and become interested. 

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