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Return your VSC and get better repair coverage at a fair price.



The dealership markup on vehicle
service contracts can be as high as 800%

_______________________ offers vehicle protection plans that are more affordable, more transparent, offer better coverage, and are easier to work with.


I purchased a dealership extended warranty for my wife’s car. Then, I found out just how big the markup was. Crazy! The return process was a little bit of a hassle, but definitely worth it. Soon enough I had a big refund in my pocket.

Alejandro Cabrera, Founder.



Why uproar.Car’s vehicle protection plans are way better than the dealerships’:

  • No longterm contract. Low monthly payments: Our subscription-based model starts as low as $19.99/ month. Cancel anytime, without any hassle
  • Super-transparent coverage: We despise misleading contracts. Our plans let you easily see exactly how you’re covered.
  • Vehicle service wherever you want: Dealership contracts limit your options when it comes to repairs and maintenance. We don’t. You pick the mechanic, auto shop, or even dealership. We pay the bill.
  • A mobile-friendly, super-fast claims process: We pride ourselves on getting claims resolved quickly, so you’re back on the road as soon as possible.


3 steps to sell back
your extended warranty



Read the fine print


Your original warranty documents tell you who to contact to cancel and what paperwork you’ll need. You might deal directly with the dealership or an administrator. Typically, if you cancel within 30 days you’ll receive a full refund. Otherwise, you’ll be entitled to a prorated refund associated with the time and distance driven.


Submit Paperwork


This part may take a little extra time and effort because dealerships don’t have any incentive to help you through the cancellation process. When you cancel, you’re taking that huge commission out of their pockets and putting it back into yours. 

You are fully entitled to cancel a service you may have been pushed into buying at a steep markup!


Receive Your Refund!


It typically takes three to four weeks to get your refund check after submitting the necessary paperwork.

Once you have your refund, you can put it towards better repair coverage at a fair price with!